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Iceland – Ice and Sky

Breiðamerkurjökull, midnight 2006/7. Photo Martin Sammtleben
Shadow reflected on clouds as the sun begins to creep over the horizon on New Years Day 2007
Breiðamerkurlón: a sprinkling of snow on this normally black volcanic beach
Ice on the Breiðamerkurlón
A small nugget of ice finds a temporary resting place, Breiðamerkurlón
Breiðamerkurlón: Wild Atlantic waves crash onto the ice choked beach.
Breiðamerkurlón: Geraldine wandering in a sea of ice taking pictures. Photo Martin Sammtleben
Breiðamerkurlón: Low winter sun casting a warm glow on the ice
The Jökúlsárlon choked with an ever changing landscape of ice on its journey down to the sea.
Svartifoss (Black Falls) Skaftafell National Park, South Iceland
The icy water of Svartifoss (Black Falls) cascading into an ampitheatre of basalt columns.
Reynisdrangar, Vik: these three weirdly shaped rock towers are said to be the masts of a ship petrified by trolls
Looking from Garðar along the narrow peninsular of black sand towards Arnardrangur, South Iceland.
Winter sun setting seen from Dyrhólaós South of Mýrdalsjökull
Shadows from the setting sun creating an 'urban landscape' West of Vestmannaeyjar, South Iceland