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Mayoor's Family Holiday, Picos de Europa

Mayoor's Family Holiday, Picos de Europa

August 2010, members of the the Patel family from both the UK and the US enjoyed an activity holiday in the Picos de Europa, here are some of Mayoor’s photos

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Central Massif Picos De Europa

Central Massif Picos De Europa

Follow Walkopedia’s William Mackesy and friends on a remarkable trek through the cental massif of one of Europe’s most spectacular mountain ranges: The Picos de Europa September 2010

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Iceland – Hot Earth

Iceland – Hot Earth

Colourful patterns and textures of a geothermal landscape in the Hengill area.

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Mountains, Forests and Villages of the Picos de Europa

Mountains, Forests and Villages of the Picos de Europa

Asturian Spirit ran the first Light & Land photography tour in the Picos de Europa September 2008. Check out our Wild Photography Holidays for our own September 2010 departure.

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Thimpu Faces Bhutan

Thimpu Faces Bhutan

Religious festivals are held annually in Bhutan’s dzongs, here are images of some of the spectators at the Thimpu festival Autumn 2007

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Geothermal Landscape Austurengjahver

Geothermal Landscape Austurengjahver

Revisiting Austurengjahver to photograph any geothermal changes following the recent Icelandic earthquake May 2008

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Nepali Faces

Nepali Faces

Whilst traveling in Nepal it is always a joy to be able to capture some really beautiful and characterful people. These were taken during my visit Spring 2007.

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Iceland – Ice and Sky

Iceland – Ice and Sky

All of these pictures were taken during a few days in early January when daylight hours are short and the low sun often lights up a strange and wildly unique landscape

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Colours of Ice

Colours of Ice

Weird and wonderful ice images taken by Martin Sammtleben new years day 2007 on the beach at Breiðamerkurlón

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Colours of Iceland

Colours of Iceland

A collection of beautifully crafted Icelandic Images by Martin Sammtleben, designer of Asturian Spirit.

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Trekking to Kanchenjunga

Trekking to Kanchenjunga

Despite its tiny size, Sikkim is geographically diverse, the climate ranges from subtropical to high alpine. Bordering with Nepal,Tibet and Bhutan the scenery is truly magnificent.

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Picos de Europa in September

Picos de Europa in September

September walking holiday in the Picos de Europa: lots of sunshine and amazing Autumn colours.

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Picos de Europa in September

Picos de Europa in September

Walking Holiday in the Picos de Europa: blue skies, lots of sunshine, ethereal cloud inversions, an atmospheric storm, soft mists and some totally amazing mountain views.

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Cares Gorge

Cares Gorge

Between Poncebos and Cain in the Picos de Europa is the most spectacular part of the Cares Gorge, known as the Garganta del Cares.

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Tiruvannamalai India

Tiruvannamalai India

Every year in Tiruvannamalai during the Hindu month of Kartikai, the great Deepam festival is held to celebrate Shiva’s manifestation as the light of Arunachala.

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Kanchenjunga Sikkim India

Kanchenjunga Sikkim India

The tiny Indian kingdom of Sikkim borders with Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Its mountains are dominated by the worlds third highest mountain, Kanchenjunga.

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Iceland Wilderness

Iceland Wilderness

Iceland is one of the world’s last great wilderness areas, rugged coast-line, Europe’s largest glacier and awesome geo-thermal activity

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Iceland Volcanic

Iceland Volcanic

Iceland is one of the greatest hotspots around, bubbling mud, steaming fissures, recent eruptions and incredible mineral rich swimming areas, totally unique!

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Redes Natural Park Asturias

Redes Natural Park Asturias

The Redes Park is a wild protected area boasting a rich variety of flora, fauna, with a rich culture and timeless way of life

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Picos Scenery

Picos Scenery

The Picos de Europa, including El Naranjo is spectacular and includes immense slopes, dramatic gorges, lush green valleys, beautiful forests, crystal clear streams and jagged peaks

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Iceland Coast Images

Iceland Coast Images

Wild Atlantic rollers, deep fjords, black volcanic beaches and glaciers that tumble down to the sea are just part of Iceland’s beautiful coastline

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Location Iceland

Location Iceland

For those of you that might be considering Iceland for a photograpy/adventure holiday, here is a varied and mixed gallery of locations.

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